Documented Curriculum Alberto Battistelli was born on August 29, 1960, in Senigallia (Ancona) Italy. In 1978 he graduated as dental technician at the G. Eastman Istitute of Rome. Since 1979 he has been owner of a laboratory in Fonte Nuova (Rome) where he lives. During the eighties he followed the prosthesis' roman school of Prof.Mario Martignoni and he collaborated with him in some researches and clinical cases. He completed his professional training in dental aesthetics attending many workshops of the best European experts and particularly the Kuwata College of Tokio (Japan). On September 2007, a commission presided over by the EDA (European Dental Association) presidency , conferred him the European qualification of Fixed and removable prosthesis implants included Specialist.

-He obtained the Diplomate I.C.O.I (International Congress of Oral Implantology)

- National president and Founder of the Italian Dental Technician college ( CIO)

- President and Founder of the GOI - National manager SICED

- Honorary president and Founder of AIMOD AFG (International dental Modeling Academy)

- Honorary member of COC (Cultural Odonto Club, Torino)

- Member of the scientific committee of many trade magazines Since 1984 he has held courses, conferences and published many articles in Italy and abroad, like:

Padova 16/18-11-1990 A.I.O.P. IX Congresso Internazionale; Parigi 26/28-09-1991 Silab ’91 Paris IX Journèes Pierre La Chaud; Bologna 10/11-11-1995 A.I.O.P. XIV Congresso Internazionale; Bologna 15/16-11-1996 A.I.O.P. XV Congresso Internazionale; S. Diego California (U.S.A.) 1/3-08-1996 Calcitek International Simposium; Roma 3/6-10-1996 2rd World Congress of Osseointegration; Valencia (Spagna) 30-05-1997 XII Congreso Anual Centro de Formaciòn Profesional de Grado Superior Juan Badal March; Madrid (Spagna) 31-05-1997 Jornadas Soproden; Boston (U.S.A.) 9-06-1997 Leach and Dillon East Coast Conference Tour; Hasbrouck Heghts N.J. (U.S.A.) 10-06-1997 Leach and Dillon East Coast Conference Tour; Cromwell (C.T.) (U.S.A.) 11-06-1997 Leach and Dillon East Coast Conference Tour; Independence (OH) (U.S.A.) 12-06-1997 Leach and Dillon East Coast Conference Tour; Barcellona (Spagna) 20/22-03-1997 IX Symposium International de Implantologia Bucal; Tarpon Springs Florida (U.S.A.) 5/7-02-1998 I.C.O.I. (International Congress of Oral Implantologists); Yokohama (Japan) 31-10-1998 1/2-11-1998 A World of Dental Technology: 3rd International Congress of Dental Technology; Basel (Svizzera) 9-12-2000 Die Veranstaltung für Zahnärzte und Zahntechniker; Venezia 23/24-02-2001 1st World Congress of Implant Technology; Barcellona (Spagna) 23/25-05-2002 I Congreso Mundial de la Sociedad Espanola de Implantes: Implantologia 2002.ecc....

From 1986 to 1988 he attended gnatology courses according to the technique of Prof. Slavicek at the Prof. Avril Study in Florence.
In the middle of the nineties he has learned the basics of neuro-motor gnatology thanks to the friendship with Dr. Edmondo Federici and later with Dr. Franco Noveri he has learned the concept of Biological Interpretation Occlusion ( BIOS).
  • Specialized in micro-dental technology, he has held course about the use of stereomicroscope in dental field since 1987.
  • In 1995 and 1996 he held lessons and practices during the postgraduate courses  of implant prosthesis  at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
  • He created the technique of the Disassembled Custom Tray, published together with Dr. Oto La Manna and Dr. Dario Severino: Team Work  4,1- 2004
  • Coauthor of the book "Precision in Prosthetic Restauration" Resh Editor 1993, together with Romeo Pascetta and Dr. D. Massironi.
  • Coauthor of the monograph "Researches and verifications for the precision in fixed prosthesis" NLO/7/96
  • Professor of aesthetics and gnatology. He has created the new technique to model the dental natural and functional shape, based on the mathematical concept named: A.F.G. ( Anatomic Functional Geometry) published for the first time in six languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish, German and Korean.

On October 2010 he published a book titled “Modelling” about the A.F.G technique (translated into 12 languages) in collaboration with Dr. Dario Severino and Dr. Oto La Manna, edited by “Team Work Media SRL”.

On 2013 he recived the universitary diploma of SDT ( SPECIALIST DENTAL TECHNICIAN) at University of L' Aquila( Italy).

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